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This dual degree program was established in September 2021 with IBBA, College of Management.

Factsheet (Oct. 2021)

No specific quota addressed, to be discussed and decided with Essex according to the application status each year.

For students who would like to study dual degree at Essex, you still have to pass the NSYSU selection before applying for Essex dual degree. The selection information will be announced on IBBA's website.

Download Course Structure here  Essex Business School  Department of Economics



Essex Global  Partner  Scholarship  (Masters)  

offers  scholarship worth £2,000  for  self-funding  students  joining  us  through our  partner universities.  Terms,  conditions  and  deadlines  apply.

Essex Global  Partner  Scholarship  (Undergraduate)  

offers   scholarship  worth  £1,500  for  one  year  for  those  entering  into  third  year of  study  and  £1,000  per  year  (for  maximum  of  two  years)  for  those entering  into  second  year  of  study.  Terms,  conditions  and deadlines apply.



  1. NSYSU Tuition Fee
  2. Essex Tuition and Credit Fees