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ERS Funding

To encourage students to conduct master’s and doctoral thesis on ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability: Upon review and approval by the review committee, each student will be awarded research funding of NT$10,000 to NT$30,000

To encourage students to participate in activities or competition related to ethics, social responsibility, or sustainability: the student who signs up and completes an activity or competition announced by the Office of Responsibility and Sustainability Actions may be awarded registration fee funding. Outstanding performance in competition is eligible for the additional award after submitting relating documents.

Funding for Faculty’s Acts on Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability: Department/Institute faculty or students who hold community care events or assist community development activity may submit the proposal plan enclosed with the application before the event. Funding of NT$10,000 to NT$30,000 per event/ activity is awarded according to the activity scale and length.

Guidelines for Subsiding Efforts Related to International Accreditation

International Relations and Accreditation office

  • Phone: (07)525-2000   #4515
  • E-mail: orsa@cm.nsysu.edu.tw
  • Location: CM4091-1
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