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Action Learning Cooperation

With the aim of encouraging our students to apply their professional knowledge in the workplace and cultivating talents with both academic and practical experience to enhance the interaction with enterprises, the College has drawn up the "Regulation Governing the Subsidy for Promoting Departmental Career Development Activities" in order to encourage our faculty members to incorporate the concept of Action Learning into their courses.

For example, in the three micro-curriculums, "Business Data Analytics", "Digital Marketing and E-Commerce", and "Financial Technology", there is a summative "capstone" course focusing on case study. In "Financial Service and Financial Technology Capstone", we are working with Taishin Bank. By incorporating internal data or case study from the companies, the students are able to utilize their practical and analytical skills and help the companies better understand the application of big data to their respective industries, gain preliminary analysis results, and fulfill their corporate social responsibility. In the course of interweaving academic theory and industrial practice, the College and our partner companies work together to cultivate top financial technology talents.

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