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Internship Programs Cooperation

The College of Management at Sun Yat-sen University cultivates business professionals who are proactive, professional, pragmatic, and have an international perspective. The College actively cooperates with companies to develop talent training programs, to cultivate outstanding talents for the industry, and to create a realistic career path for our domestic and international students. We also offer recruitment services such as posting links to companies' job listings to help companies achieve their recruitment goals. Unlike a typical work-study program, an internship at a company before graduation not only provides students with more practical work experience, but also a better understanding of workplace ecology and corporate culture. On the other hand, for the companies participating in the internship program, it is a way to recruit the best talents and enhance their corporate reputation. In addition to actively assisting students in their domestic and overseas internships, the College also actively cooperates with companies in providing job opportunities to our students.

Benefits of internship programs for our partner companies:

  • Retain outstanding talents
  • Reduce corporate costs
  • Train new talents in advance
  • Promote corporate culture

Cooperation Procedure

  • Requirement confirmation:
    Requirement confirmation: Companies can specify internship application qualifications (e.g. specific departments or grades) and the number of internship positions according to their needs.
  • Talent recruitment:
    We assist companies in promoting their internship programs and identifying suitable talents through resume collection and screening through recommendations from our professors.
  • Effectiveness evaluation:
    Employer and student effectiveness surveys are conducted at the end of the internship program in order to understand the satisfaction of both parties and serve as a reference for future internship programs.

Please feel free to contact Director Cindy Lin of the Career Development Office for further discussions on cooperation.
Tel: (07) 5252000 ext.4507
Email:   ocd@cm.nsysu.edu.tw



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