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Life at College of Management


EMBA Center and Library

The EMBA Center is located at 11th floor of library, it contains one conference hall, two seminar rooms, several discussion rooms and a lounge space. The library has 1,280 reading seats, a reading room of 80 seats, 9 seminar rooms , 161 study carrels for individual use and also multi-media equipment, providing services from publications selection, acquisition and cataloging, reference guidance, database search, operation of equipment and identification of network resources.



 Sail dragon boat BS

We have athletic fields with equipments for rock climbing, archery and golf, basketball courts, volleyball courts and also a swimming pool, a multifunction court for basketball, volleyball and badminton which accommodates 2,700 people, a dancing room for yoga, martial arts and kendo, a table tennis room and a physical fitness center. 


beach volleyball beach
The university is between the mountain and the ocean, you can enjoy the sunshine from the beach and sunset from the ocean. Feel free to walk on the sand and enjoy the company.

monkey monkey tree
There are many wild animals living near the campus, the Formosan rock-monkeys sometimes come down from the mountain, you can also see birds and squirrels moving around.


Muslim Prayer Room

The College of Management established the 4th Muslim Prayer Room at NSYSU and open for students that need. Please contact Dean's Office, College of Management for access.


Living Expenses in Kaohsiung

  • On-Campus Housing: International Dorm - NT$17,000 per semester, Local Dorm - NT$8,500 per semester
  • Off-Campus Housing: NT5,000 - 10,000 per month
  • Meals: NT$8,000-10,000 per month
  • Books: NT$5,000 per semester
  • Local Transportation: NT$1,500 per month
  • NSYSU Collective Student Insurance: NT$279 per semester
  • Internet and Computer Fees: NT$300 per semester
  • National Health Insurance: NT$826 per month (obligated to join for students who continuously stay in Taiwan for 6 months from the date ARC is issued)
  • Telecommunication: NT$300 – 1,000 per month depending on your plan
  • Note: The estimation is the average spending of a typical student attending NSYSU.
  • Additional Fees-
  • International Dorm: Winter dormitory fee: NT$4,300 / Summer dormitory fee: NT$8,600
  • Local Dorm: Winter dormitory fee: NT$2,100 / Summer dormitory fee: NT$4,300

Fees are subject to change.


Interacting with the Community

Chinese Language Center

  • Free Chinese courses for international degree students upon registration: 4hrs/week
  • Spring trips, singing competition, events to facilitate exchange with local students.

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NSYSU Buddy Program

  • You can have a local partner for local information and support before and after you come to Taiwan.
  • Events: orientation, cultural trip, language table, cultural sharing activities and farewell party.

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Student Associations

  • We have student clubs such as Volunteer Work Club, Sports and Entertainment Club, Academic Club, Music Club and Art Club.
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