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[Dept. of Information Management] Department of Information Management refurbished computers and donated them to remote areas, providing environmental sustainability in response to social responsibility (2023)

Initiated by faculty, students, and alumni of the Department of Information Management (MIS) at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), the charity project “Refurbished Computers to Remote Areas” was implemented for the second time in 2023. They collected nearly sixty computers and donated them to Linbian Primary School in Linbian Township and Chiang-Yuan Primary School in Jiadong Township, both in Pingtung County. In addition to responding to the University Social Responsibility and ESG concepts, they also demonstrate charity support for the education of remote area students and revitalize second-hand computers with environmental sustainability.

The “Refurbished Computers to Remote Areas” project was initiated by Jackie Shih, Director of the Alumni Association of MIS at NSYSU. Most of the MIS alumni are engaged in IT-related industry services. They actively collected the used computers, assembled the computer equipment one by one, and completed the software installation and settings by a group spontaneously formed of MIS students. Shu-Chuan Jennifer Yeh, the Dean of the College of Management at NSYSU, emphasized that it is more blessed to give than to receive. She wished the schoolchildren to make good use of computers and learn happily. Chair Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu of the MIS at NSYSU hopes that the children can pass on the spirit of charity and blessings, "the cycle of love will last forever." Jackie Shih hopes that more students in remote schools will have the opportunity to use computer resources.

Fang-Tzu Wang, Principal of Linbian Primary School, encouraged children to utilize those received computers with appreciation, learn with enthusiasm to keep up with the technical trends of the generation and offer assistance for social wellbeing. President Yung-Tsung Tai, the Parents Association of Linbian Primary School, thanked MIS at NSYSU for its strong support in introducing digital resources to Linbian Primary School, which is a great encouragement to children in remote schools. “To the children, Jackie Shih is thought of as Santa Claus bringing a lot of surprising gifts all the time,” said Cheng-Wen Hsieh, the teacher and Director of Educational Guidance & Student Affairs Division at Chiang-Yuan Primary School. He mentioned that these refurbished computers were all made by well-known manufacturers and in perfect working conditions. He expressed gratitude for the thoughtful gifts from MIS at NSYSU.

Teachers from Linbian Primary School said that some poor students whose families cannot afford to purchase computer equipment can now conduct online learning activities and have more opportunities to contact the outside world. It is easier to increase children's self-learning motivation and cultivate their talents. For example, Wen-Shuo Chen, a sixth-grade student at Linbian Primary School, is very interested in skating. He can't wait to use the computer to look up and watch skating videos.

Yu-Hsiang Liu, director of the Students Association of MIS at NSYSU, led the department to assemble nearly 60 computers. He pointed out that there are already 21 million Internet users in Taiwan, but still have 10% of people in Taiwan no chance to use it. He hopes that everyone can have the chance to use the Internet. As students, although they do not yet have the financial capability, they are very willing to contribute and contribute the knowledge and skills they have learned. Yu-Hsiang Liu mentioned that by splitting the letters "BOOK," you can get Believe, Opportunity, and OK. He encouraged children that “A book holds a house of gold.” As long as they believe in choices, seize opportunities, are not afraid of failure, and keep working hard, everything will be OK.

The "Refurbished Computers to Remote Areas" charity project has received strong support from many NSYSU alumni and companies, and they have responded to corporate social responsibilities with actions. The sponsors include Chung-Ming Tsai, the community service chairperson of the Alumni Association of MIS at NSYSU, Hung-Yu Chen, the Deputy Director of the committee, Yu-Hua Tang, the General Manager of Fortune Information, Ketty Yang, the Human Resources Development Manager of Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry, Chin-Wen Chiu, the Chairman of Green Miracle Public Welfare Service Network Association, Adon Chung, the Director of Cretech Technology, Robert Chuang, the teacher at Kaohsiung American School, Ching-Chun Meng, the General Manager of the Administration Department at China Steel Express Corporation, and Chi-Yao Peng, the Deputy General Manager of e-Excellence.


News suorce: https://www.nsysu.edu.tw/p/406-1000-322997,r5187.php?Lang=en

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