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To be a globally recognized college for outstanding research, teaching, and social and practical impact.


To develop academic research, to generate top managerial talents with global perspectives, and to promote sustainable social responsibility in collaboration with academia, industry, and society.

Core Value (I_EPIC)

  • Inclusion:We create a diversity-friendly environment that embraces the uniqueness and respects everyone.
  • Excellence:We pursue excellence in international accreditations, rankings, outstanding publication in well-known academic journals, and educational impact in business management.
  • Professionalism:We expect professionalism in terms of autonomous learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Integrity:We act with integrity, sincerity, and high moral standards, and dedicate ourselves to improve our society.
  • Collaboration:We integrate theory and practice into industry-government-academia collaboration.


  • Develop a renowned research environment:Facilitate and maintain a high-quality research environment as well as to encourage academic staff to collaborate with international researchers.
  • Encourage teaching innovation and diverse learning:Enable students to embrace innovation with excellent teaching, and to gain ability in critical thinking and self-reflection.
  • Enhance global vision:Establish an international community with a diverse background, attract outstanding faculty and students, and provide high-quality EMI courses to possess international competitive advantage.
  • Promote social engagement and make impact:Promote our role in social empathy and engagement, and to cultivate ESG responsibility.
  • Integrate learning and practice:Cultivate high level talents and support the development of local industry via intensive collaboration between academic and industry, which contributes to teaching and research.


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