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Preparations for National Sun Yat-sen University began in July 1979, and it officially enrolled its first students at the beautiful Sizihwan campus in the fall semester of 1980. Since Kaohsiung is an important industrial and commercial city, the College of Management took on an important role from the beginning. It first established the Department of Business Administration to promote management education.
The Department of Business Administration was established in 1980, the Department of Information Management in 1984, the Department of Finance in 1986, the Institute of Public Affairs Management in 1992, the Institute of Human Resources Management in 1993, the Institute of Communication Management in 1997 (renamed the Institute of Marketing Communication in 2014), and the Institute of Healthcare Management in 2002 (merged into the Department of Business Administration in 2014). In 1998, we began offering the first Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) in Southern Taiwan, and in 2000, we began offering the first International Executive Master of Business Administration (I-EMBA) in Taiwan, gathering the elite of enterprises in Southern Taiwan under one roof. In response to the trend of increasing integration of human resources institutions and markets in the Greater China region, the ASEAN Free Trade Area, and the Asia-Pacific region, the Asia-Pacific Executive Master of Business Administration (AP-EMBA) was established in 2005 to provide convenience to senior managers of enterprises in Taiwan.
In addition, in 2011, our EMBA and Shanghai Tongji University’s EMBA programs worked together to establish the Cross-Strait Executive Master of Business Administration (CSEMBA). In response to the trend of high-tech network integration in Taiwan and China, the CSEMBA program plays an active role in providing professional management knowledge and practices to meet the business environment of Taiwanese businessmen, and to quickly contribute to the goal of high-value management of Taiwanese industries.
The College of Management established the college-level Office of International Affairs in 2000 and has actively expanded its international cooperation programs. Since then, the international exchange programs of the College have become more developed, as it has made great efforts to set up a variety of international programs, to internationalize its campus, and to create the ACT program, a Global MBA endorsed by the College in cooperation with the University of Victoria (Canada) and the University of Linz (Austria). In 2005, it was the first national university in Taiwan to be accredited by the AACSB. In 2006, we launched the International Business Master’s of Business Administration (IBMBA) program in English. In 2014, Global Human Resource Management MBA (GHRM) was established. In 2022, we established the Bachelor of International Business Administration degree program to create a multicultural learning environment, in order to cultivate students with international competitiveness in dealing with cultural conflicts and to provide local enterprises with industrial talents who can immediately connect theory with practice.
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