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Department of Information Management Doctoral Program

Special Features of the Program

The 21st century is an information age. Businesses are facing new challenges in dealing with rapidly changing technologies and environments. We need innovative ways to integrate information and management to meet these challenges. Our department provides quality education to meet these needs. We offer specialized academic programs that equip students with problem-solving skills from both an information technology and management perspective.

Graduation Requirements

Total Program Credits: 30 Credits

The Department's doctoral program has a 30-credit graduation requirement. The curriculum is divided into three types of courses: required, major, and minor courses, giving students ample flexibility in course selection. In the required section, there are only three required professional courses and four credits of information management seminars. The program requires a minimum of three major courses in the department's doctoral program and a minimum of three minor courses in the field of study in a minor discipline of your choice.


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